A story nearly 40 years in the making
Tony Award, Golden Globe, and three-time Emmy winner, Michael Moriarty, returns to the big screen starring in the dramatic film, Of Things Past, with costars Louise Caire Clark and Tara Reid. Filmed in 1985 as The 15 th Time Around, with an Oscar-worthy performance by Mr. Moriarty, the movie was reimagined by TGA Productions and Cedar Films Studios, with an additional storyline shot in 2022. Never seen before, the two movies are now one, becoming, Of Things Past. Filmed in the mountains of Mammoth Lakes, CA., and inspired by true events, Of Things Past tells the moving story of Michael and Laura Dietrich (played by Mr. Moriarty and Ms. Clark), a young couple struggling to save their marriage after the tragic loss of their two-year-old son. Michael, a physician’s assistant, saves the life of a young girl, Kiki, seriously injured in an automobile accident. In saving her life, he begins to forgive himself for the death of his son. Nearly forty years later, as Michael is dying, an adult Kiki (played by Tara Reid) visits Laura (reprised by Ms. Clark) in Boston, sharing the intimate details of long-held secrets—the pain of betrayal and the power of forgiveness. 
Directed by Eric Rafael Ibarra and D. Paul Thomas; scripted by Frank Dent, D. Paul Thomas, and Pete Bollinger; cinematography by Fred Paddock and Stephen Vanderpool; prosthetics by Oscar winner Mathew Mungle; makeup by Peggy Nichols; wardrobe by Ms. Nichols and Van Craig; stunt coordinator “Doc” Duhame; original soundtrack by Amanuel Zarzowski. The project is helmed by Executive Producers Dr. Sam Mayhugh, Pete Bollinger, Nora Betancourt, Eric Ibarra, D. Paul Thomas, Robert Vaughan, and Tara Reid.
Produced by TGA Productions and Cedar Film Studios.
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